Strategy checklist

Does your organisation’s strategic plan pass the following 10 question checklist?

Learn what these results mean for your organisation and receive further advice to ensure your organisation is following an effective strategic plan.

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1. Is it really strategic?

Do the strategies focus on less than 10 critical triggers which if implemented effectively, will best position the organisation to outdo competitors and achieve its goals?

2. Is it informed by a future scan?

Is it based on a rational assessment of the organisation’s risks and opportunities? Has a global future scan been compiled that explores longer term scenarios?

3. Is the planning process easy to manage?

Is the planning process logical and streamlined? Does it minimize the time burden on busy executives, yet still enable robust debate?

4. Is it objective?

Is it free from management bias, group-think and internal myths? Is there an external reality check mechanism?

5. Are the goals clearly stated and measurable?

Are the steps towards each goal specific, measurable and achievable, or is it simply a wish list?

6. Does it provide a road map?

Does it indicate to everyone in the organisation ‘who needs to do what by when’ to make it happen? Do team members refer to the strategy when making every day decisions?

7. Is it aspirational?

Does it paint an aspirational vision of what the organisation could be and inspire the team to aim high? Are stakeholders engaged with the vision? Do they believe in it?

8. Is it reflected in everything we do?

Do the business unit plans and staff KPIs link to the same goals? Is progress reviewed at every board or management meeting? Is it part of the culture?

9. Can it be communicated simply?

Is it understood by people at the coal face? Is the language clear and free of management jargon? Can you explain it on one page?

10. Is the planning process easy to manage?

Is there a simple monitoring framework and reporting mechanism throughout the organisation to assess progress progress?

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