The foundation of good decision making is the quality of analysis that informs it.

Market mapping

Sophisticated data is all meaningless unless it is analysed with the insight necessary to pinpoint the strategic opportunity.  Our market mapping toolbox includes:

Market scoping

There is an acquired skill in ‘making the data talk’ and telling its story.  In fact, in this era of ‘big data’ and information overload, we can often extract greater insights from our clients’ own market data than they can. It’s amazing what a fresh set of eyes can pick up.

There are many organisations that can conduct market analysis, but few can interpret the findings through a strategic lens and translate the data into effective actionable strategies.

Export development plans

Notwithstanding the Asian opportunity, succeeding in any export market is a challenge and requires carefully crafted plans that recognise the culture and the way business is conducted.  With years of in-market research experience, we are able to factor these cultural considerations into our plans.

“His recent work for Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) on the Japanese food service industry provided fresh insights leveraged from David’s knowledge and experience of leading food service companies and global industry trends.” Mike Hayward, Former General Manager, Overseas Operations, Meat & Livestock Australia

Market potential index

McKINNA et al has developed a powerful market evaluation index that rates and ranks all export markets in order of potential for your product. The market potential index has been applied to both food and international education products with great effect.  It is particularly useful for businesses contemplating exporting for the first time as it clearly indicates the markets that will deliver the best reward for effort.

McKINNA et al‘s approach has been systematic with a strong emphasis on research across different markets to guide the development of the plan and to monitor its implementation.” Matt Boland, Former Director, Corporate Affairs Group, RMIT University

Supply chain analysis

It is crucial to understand the linkages in the supply chain (i.e. the relationships between the key players, their motivations, behaviour and perceived opportunities and hurdles) to determine where the most value can be extracted in any industry. Our profit pool analysis technique can pinpoint who is making the most margin in the supply chain and why.

Competitor analysis

Our strategic planning projects include a component of competitor analysis or competitor analysis can be delivered as a stand-alone assignment. This can include trade research and comprehensive analysis on a competitor’s market positioning, products/services, strategy, strengths and weaknesses.

Trade research

Because our consultants ‘hands on’ business management experience themselves, our trade research holds greater insight than many of our competitors. Qualitative trade research includes focus groups and/or interviews with current, potential or lapsed customers. Because we approach qualitative research with a business background rather than the psychology skill set that many research houses now pride themselves on, we think in entrepreneurial terms and can see the opportunity.

“David McKinna has consistently delivered actionable market research and strategic marketing advice for the Australian meat and livestock industry over the past 15-years.” Mike Hayward, Former General Manager, Overseas Operations, Meat & Livestock Australia

Expert witness

David McKinna has served as an expert witness in precedent setting cases in the food and beverage domain in Australia and Europe. The combination of his academic background and commercial knowledge of global food markets has equipped him well to testify with great authority and credibility, under intense professional scrutiny.

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