When caught up in the day-to-day, it is easy to lose sight of the big picture.

Strategic troubleshooting

Every organisation faces ‘game changing’ decision points in their evolution. Sometimes it does take a fresh set of eyes to see a better way.  Our strategic trouble shooting toolbox includes:

Strategic problem solving

McKINNA et al understands how organisations function, what the critical performance factors are and what is standing in the way of reaching full potential.We have seen a lot of businesses and a lot of strategic challenges in over 30 years of advisory work.

An independent and ‘fresh set of eyes’ can make a critical difference when it comes to game changing decision-making that results from either a crisis or a gradual industry shift. An independent view can be pivotal in challenging internal norms, and providing advice from a wider experience.

“If you have known and worked with David you realise his determination to solve the problems that normally end up in the traditional research company’s too hard silo.”Reg Bryson, Former CEO, The Campaign Palace

Business review

While accountants can easily provide a summary of business performance, often they miss the strategic big picture and the market opportunity – after all, they are trained to evaluate retrospectively, while McKINNA et al is geared to looking at the road ahead. Our work in business review usually includes:

  • Advising on M&A strategic fit
  • Overall business performance assessment
  • Investment evaluation
  • Market opportunity assessment.

“David and Catherine have on a number of occasions  provided research and recommendations for companies and projects I have led. Their insights and grounded solutions have always provided direction and stimulated action within the business.”Antony Ford, Director McCain Foods, CEO Boomaroo Nurseries


Frequently a strategic trouble spot requires a component of consultation to drill down into the motivations and differing perspectives of the various stakeholders.  We are accustomed to consultation in challenging and highly emotive circumstances.  We have delivered community consultation in regional areas in times of drought and qualitative market research in times of financial crisis.  Our business-to-business research has included engagement in crisis management situations where the reputation of our client was at an all time low.  In all of these circumstances we were able to turn the exercise to the advantage of our client by being respectful of the stakeholder’s viewpoint while acting as tactful ambassadors for their organisation.

CEO sounding board

It is ‘lonely at the top’. As the leader of an organisation it is difficult, or at best awkward, to identify trusted and objective confidants. It’s even harder to find people who will provide a truly independent and honest opinion to their leader.

McKINNA et al can provide an independent sounding board with an informed perspective on your organisation and your industry. Whether via a formal report or an informal chat over coffee, our confidential advice can be called on at a crucial point-in-time or on an ongoing basis.

“David is a great addition to strategic discussion often providing the disruptive elements required to challenge the status quo in addition to a solid knowledge of the modern status of the agriculture and food processing industries.”Terry O’Brien, Managing Director, Simplot Australia

Executive mentoring

McKINNA et al’s boardroom experience, years of corporate strategy project experience and global outlook equips us to share different perspectives while remaining independent and objective.

Board briefings

Our principals have consulted to the boards of some of Australia’s largest companies and academic institutions as well as heads of government departments. In addition to specific strategic problem solving, we are often called on to prepare briefing sessions for boards on long range forecasting issues, scenario planning and industry mega-trends.

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