Business background

McKINNA et al was established in 1983 as a specialist strategy consultancy after David McKinna obtained his PhD in this field at Cornell University, USA.

These days, it seems everyone is a strategy specialist – any contact in your LinkedIn network with an MBA probably lists ‘strategic planning’ as a skill. The Jim’s Strategic Planning franchise is not too far away!

What makes McKINNA et al different? According to our clients, it is:

  • A proven planning process
  • Flexible approach
  • Problem solving focus
  • Frank and fearless advice
  • Plain English reporting style
  • Commercial ‘street smarts’

In our view, it is our background that sets us apart. In over 30 years of projects we’ve acquired the strategic insight and global outlook that adds the real value to our product.

Strategic insight cannot be learnt from a text book. It comes from the wisdom that you accumulate over many projects in many sectors.  The team at McKINNA et al has worked across agrifood, retail, FMCG, international education, manufacturing, mining, rail, tourism and regional development, giving us a wider frame of reference than other consultancies.

The global outlook comes from conducting hundreds of in-market studies, across all of Australia’s key export markets, particularly South East Asia, Japan, China, USA, Europe and the UK.  McKINNA et al was behind Australia’s earliest market development plans in horticulture, red meat and dairy.

The McKINNA et al team consists of highly qualified academic thinkers with the ability to digest decidedly complex subjects and add an insightful perspective. Yet, unlike many consultants, both company principals also have the real world experience of actually running businesses.

Read more about our company principals: David McKinna and Catherine Wall

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