The best testimonial we have is our prestigious list of clients, many of whom we worked with over decades.

Who we work with

Aside from some of the iconic brands below, we’ve also advised government, industry associations, some very impressive start ups, family businesses and SMEs. A sample of our corporate clients includes the following industry leaders:

Iconic brands


When Apple launched the Mac in Australia its products were seen to be for students. Apple engaged McKINNA et al to understand how its innovative hardware and unique software would benefit business users and how this should be communicated.


McKINNA et al developed a strategy to market Holden’s ute and SUV range to farmers.


McKINNA et al conducted research with heavy machinery users across remote areas of Australia including agriculture, long haul transport and mining as an input into the development of the business strategy.


McKINNA et al was engaged to develop an understanding of the drivers of choice for business travellers and opportunities for Qantas to differentiate its value proposition.

Agrifood and beverage


Berri was invited by the State Bank of SA to take over Riverland Fruit Products Cannery. McKINNA et al developed a master plan to merge the two businesses and position them for growth.


Many global food businesses find the food service channel a challenge. McKINNA et al developed a food service plan based on customer research that provided a pathway for Cerebos to unlock this channel.

General Mills

When devising a 20 year vision General Mills Aust/NZ needed a big picture view about how the market would look demographically and psychographically. It engaged McKINNA et al to understand how consumers would be eating and shopping over the next decades.

Golden Circle

The vast majority of Golden Circle’s revenue came from highly seasonal products. McKINNA et al developed a process to identify and market products to utilise the factory in the down season.

Heinz Watties

McKINNA et al was engaged by USA parent company to develop a strategy for the merger of the Heinz and Watties businesses. This involved rationalising product ranges, brands, and sales and marketing teams.


Kraft partnered with Farm Pride eggs to develop convenience products for food service users. McKINNA et al interfaced with the technical and marketing teams to deliver the required outcomes.

McCain Foods

The cost of raw potatoes for processing was higher in Australia than any other country. McKINNA et al’s benchmarking study in the USA, Canada, Europe and New Zealand identified the reasons and opportunities for process improvement for McCain growers.

Oliver Wight

McKINNA et al was engaged by the Asia-Pacific licensee to provide strategic advice on how it could better adapt its product to suit the Australian market. This involved research with current, lapsed and potential clients.

Pacific Dunlop

David McKinna was an expert witness in the International Commission of Commercial Arbitration in Paris relating to a dispute over licensing fees. His expertise and credibility in the food industry supported a successful outcome.

Select Harvests

A long term growth plan is critical for a listed business to give the market confidence, especially when your product takes seven years to produce as is the case for almonds. McKINNA et al developed Select Harvest’s long term growth plan.

Simplot Australia

For over 15 years McKINNA et al has been a trusted advisor to Simplot on strategic direction and M&A activity for Australia, China and SE Asia.


When Sunbeam was restructured from a grower-owned cooperative to a listed company, it needed McKINNA et al’s fresh set of eyes to assess its strategic direction.


As the company’s production volumes grew, it was overexposed to low returning export markets. It needed McKINNA et al’s strategic direction to assist it to develop the domestic market with branded product.



Elders was losing previously loyal fourth and fifth generation customers. McKINNA et al’s extensive process of market research, lead to the development of the refreshed corporate strategy.

Incitec Pivot

McKINNA et al conducted research with major fertiliser users across Australia as a basis for developing a strategy to build loyalty based on value-added services.


Landmark sought strategic advice from McKINNA et al on building its horticultural business. This involved trade research, market analysis and strategy development.


McKINNA et al designed the commercialisation strategy for a technology developed by CSIRO to remediate chemical contamination, requiring a pragmatic commercial viewpoint.


Carpet Court

A corporate strategy was needed from McKINNA et al in the face of increasing competition from large corporates.


McKINNA et al worked with Kmart to develop its private label program and marketing strategy.

Mitre 10

For more than a decade McKINNA et al provided research and strategic advice on the development of new store and retail formats, and private label programs in the face of strong competition from Bunnings.


McKINNA et al played a pivotal role in the development of the highly successful and award-winning, ‘fresh food people’ strategy. This involved fundamentally restructuring supply chains.

Home improvement and DIY


McKINNA et al supported Boral in the development of trade centres and new retail formats.


With one dominant customer, Dulux sought advice from McKINNA et al on diversifying its channel mix. This led to the development of a new colour retail concept branded Inspirations.


As a newly established business, the proprietor needed advice from McKINNA et al on the development of multi tier ranging quality levels and brands.


With a portfolio of second tier home care brands under threat due to supermarket power, Pental required McKINNA et al to provide an independent view of its product portfolio and branding strategy.


When Dulux acquired Yates it needed McKINNA et al to build its understanding of the category along with frank advice on how to integrate it into the core business.



Before finalising a major loan agreement to consolidate a number of agrifood businesses into one large, vertically integrated entity, ANZ sought McKINNA et al 's advice on the soundness of the proposed strategy.

Bank SA

When the bank faced financial difficulty in the 90’s it engaged McKINNA et al to provide strategic advice on crisis management. The advice was based on weekly research with customers, businesses, opinion leaders and the media.


The banking sector faced an unprecedented wave of customer switching, the CBA recognised the need to lift its game in terms of customer service. McKINNA et al conducted pioneering work in customer service research, strategy and tracking.

St George

When St George acquired Bank SA it was tempted to rebrand under its mother brand. Based on McKINNA et al’s intimate knowledge of the importance of brand equity, and based on extensive research we strongly advised against this change.



The fundamental restructuring of the Australian education sector required RMIT to become more customer and market focused both in the domestic and international market. This required a cultural shift. McKINNA et al undertook extensive market research and strategic development both in the domestic and key international markets.

University of Queensland

UQ commissioned McKINNA et al to deliver its largest ever market research project in domestic and international markets including China, India and Europe. Research covered students, parents, teachers, career advisers and international recruitment agencies.

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