When you engage McKINNA et al, you work directly with the company principals.

McKINNA et al was established in 1983 as a specialist strategy consultancy after David McKinna obtained his PhD in this field at Cornell University, USA.  But strategic insight cannot be learnt with a degree from an ivy league university. It comes from the wisdom that you accumulate over a career lifetime.

In 2005 Catherine Wall joined the business bringing hands-on SME business management experience and a ‘ying and yang’ balance to the approach. The McKINNA et al principals have delivered projects across retail, FMCG, international trade, manufacturing, logistics, tourism and regional development leveraging learnings from this cross-sector perspective.  Unlike most consultants, both company principals have the real world experience of actually running very successful agrifood businesses.

The owners of McKINNA et al personally deliver every project ensuring accountability and engendering a greater passion for the task.  The ‘et al‘ part of the McKINNA et al team comprises a foundation of administrative support as well as a network of specialist expertise that can be applied where and when you need it.

Meet the company principals


1983 business started. 2005 Catherine joins business

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