A fresh set of eyes can add a lot of value

The client quotes on this website testify to McKINNA et al’s track record in producing strategic plans that deliver on the investment. It is not only the outsourcing of the strategic planning process that saves our clients money in executive time, it is the value we add in commercial returns.  Clients come back to us to update these plans because they have achieved the budget targets or business development ahead of schedule due to the clarity of purpose.

The McKINNA et al strategic planning process has been applied to family businesses, privately owned groups, listed companies, recent acquisitions, cooperatives and multinational corporates. Common to every one of these strategies is:

  1. A deep understanding of global supply chains
  2. Rigorous analysis
  3. A collaborative approach that captures business knowledge and ensures strong buy in
  4. The ‘fresh set of eyes’, that can independently challenge the internal myths of the business
  5. The strategic insight that comes from working across so many agrifood and wine businesses.

Strategic planning for businesses can include:

  • Business and strategic plans
  • Business or business unit review
  • Export market development strategy
  • Category strategy
  • Channel and market growth strategy
  • Diversification strategy
  • Merger and acquisition strategy
  • Strategic problem solving
  • Expert witness

    Sample projects:

  • Kagome Australia Strategic Plan
  • Select Harvests Corporate Strategic Plans
  • Simplot Australia Corporate Strategies
  • Simplot South East Asia Regional Strategy
  • Yates Business Review
  • Boomaroo Nurseries
  • Cerebos Food Service Strategy
  • General Mills Australia Ten Year Growth Strategy
  • Norco Dairy Cooperative Growth Strategy
  • Batlow Cooperative Strategic Plan
  • Colonial Farm Foods Strategic Plan
  • Cussons Australia Strategic Plan
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