These days, it seems every contact in your LinkedIn network lists ‘strategic planning’ as a skill. The Jim’s Strategic Planning franchise is not too far away!

According to our clients, what makes the McKINNA et al strategic planning approach different is:

  • A proven planning process
  • Collaborative approach
  • Tailored to the needs of each organisation
  • Highly cost effective because it saves executive time
  • Frank and fearless advice
  • Objectivity
  • Commercial ‘street smarts’
  • Practical and action-oriented plans that are ready to implement.

In our view, it is our strategic insight and global outlook that sets us apart. The strategic insight comes from the learnings that we have accumulated over many projects across many sectors.  The global outlook comes from countless in-market studies, in all of Australia’s key export markets, particularly South East Asia, Japan, China, USA, Europe and the UK.

Read about our company principals: David McKinna and Catherine Wall

Strategic planning is a skill, not a process

Most so-called ‘strategic plans’ are little more than aspirational thought bubbles that fail to cut to the essence of what an organisation stands for, where wants to be, what needs to do to get there and how to go about doing it. This is usually because such plans have been prepared in-house to deliver a process and not an outcome. When there is no external ‘reality check’ in the planning process the internal myths inherent in every organisation prevail. A fresh set of eyes brings objectivity.

The skill of strategic planning cannot be learned by Google. It is not a matter of downloading a template or hiring a facilitator. Few organisations retain this expertise in-house so bringing in specialists who do this work everyday saves time, money and sets the foundations for success. It is an important investment in the future of your organisation.

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