What will be required of us to deliver the strategic plan?

This approach requires very little time from busy executives – a one hour interview and then attendance at the planning workshop and a ‘road test’ meeting.

Your team will need to compile any existing documentation and data.

If appropriate, some introductions for external consultation with suppliers or customers may be required.

How long will the strategic plan process take?

The usual project length is 6 weeks for each plan but the time line depends on availability of your people. The process has been successfully delivered in as little as two weeks.

What can we expect to take away from this?

  1. A road map for the future that maps out the ‘where, why and how’.
  2. Documentation that can become a reference for the management team or an induction tool for future management.
  3. Strategic situation analysis presentation
  4. A publish-ready strategic plan in your corporate style with:
    1. Strategy platforms, each with a supporting rationale
    2. Programs that explain what needs to be done
    3. Action plans that explains how they will be done and by whom.

How will you get your head around our business?

McKINNA et al has successfully applied this approach across numerous industry sectors almost all of whom say their business is more complex than any other. Because the approach is collaborative, the internal industry knowledge is captured during the consultation and workshop stages.

Family business is a specialty with company principal Catherine Wall having come from a family business background and trained through Family Business Australia.

While the McKINNA et al planning process is consistent, every project approach and planning methodology is slightly different, uniquely tailored to your needs.

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