Industry strategy plans are complex because there is always a diversity of opinions and underlying competitive tension.

Navigating industry consultation requires diplomacy and an understanding of the supply chain issues facing all businesses in the industry.   Because the McKINNA et al company principals have ‘real world’ management experience in agrifood businesses, we understand the commercial imperative, but at the same time, we can see the bigger picture threats and opportunities for the whole industry.

Why the McKINNA et al approach to strategic planning for industries works:

  1. Skilful industry engagement to ensure that the views of all are heard.
  2. A plan that advances the overall industry, without disadvantage or favour.
  3. Clear communication of the plan to ensure that it’s rationale and intention is understood.
  4. A practical strategy document that is tailored to the industry’s capability and resources to deliver it.

Strategic planning for industries can include:

  • Industry development strategy
  • Industry export strategy
  • Industry R&D plans
  • Industry consultation
  • Export market development plans

    Sample projects:

  • Victorian Wine Industry Development Strategy
  • Meat & Livestock Australia Japan & Korea Food Service Market Development Strategy
  • Development of Meat Standards Australia business case
  • Australian Abalone Industry China Development Strategy
  • Australian Barramundi Farmers Association Industry Development and R&D Strategy
  • Australian Vegetable Industry Export Development Strategy
  • Australian Apple & Pear industry Export Development Strategy
  • Hort Innovation, Industry Strategic Investment Plans for Apples & Pears, Potatoes, Onions, Cherries
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